M.Sc. Student Attended IECON 2014 Conference

M.Sc. student Tomas Duran assisted to IECON 2014 – 40th Annual Conference of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society – in Dallas, Texas (link). He presented the paper called “Novel Continuous Space Vector Modulation in Cascaded Multilevel Inverters”. Professor Javier Pereda also is author of this work about a new modulation technique to generate a perfect sinusoidal signal with a reduced topology.


iSolar UC Opens Solar Photovoltaic Plant

iSolar UC members, along with UC community and members of different energy companies (ABB, BOSCH, Bbosch, Greenheart UK) celebrated the inauguration of the photovoltaic plant (Link).

The ceremony consisted in two moments. Firstly, Daniela Muñoz and Andrés Yenes (1st and 2nd iSolar UC Captains and Cofounders) presented the project history and technical details. After that, project members, Professor David Watts, Professor Javier Pereda and other special guests went to the roof of the building José Luis del Río Rondanelli to visit the plant and take the official photograph.

General public could register in one of three guided tours to the plant that were performed at 15:00, 15:30 and 16:00.

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Cristián Garcés was approved as a new M.Sc. in Engineering

On Tuesday December 17, Cristián Garcés presented his master’s thesis “Position Sensor Based on N-bits Serial Codification“. The evaluating committee consisted on Professor Juan Dixon (DIE advisor), Professor Javier Pereda (DIE), Professor Ignacio Casas (DCC) and Mr. Mauricio Rotella (ABB). Cristián Garcés was evaluated with highest honors and he also received his Electrical Engineer’s degree.

Defensa Cristián Garcés

PEClab obtains a Fondecyt grant

Professor Javier Pereda won a Fondecyt grant for PEClab with the project “Flexible Asymmetric Cascaded Multilevel Converters: Control and Modulation for Variable Voltage and Power Asymmetries in Real-time”. This project will help to acquire new equipment for the lab and to assist students financially plus other benefits (Link).

logo Fondecyt

PEClab Members Participate on SCAAP Seminary

Lab members attended the Seminary “Sistemas, Convertidores y Accionamientos de Alta Potencia 2013” (“Systems, High Power Converters and Drives 2013“), held on May 23 and 24, in the Pacific Hall of Enjoy Hotel in Viña del Mar.

Professor Juan Dixon (DIE) exposed on “Efficient Transport Electrical Concepts” and Professor Javier Pereda (DIE) integrated the panel of experts (Link).

SCAAP logo

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PEClab assisted to Sustainability in Innovation and Technology Transfer in Business meeting

Professor Javier Pereda, representing PEClab, attended to a breakfast called Sustainability in Innovation and Technology Transfer in Business. This event met academics and managers of local companies to discuss the next activities of NEIM (Millennium Nucleus of Industrial Electronics and Mechatronics).

The meeting was held at Marriot Hotel in Santiago (Link).

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